September 5, 2013 chris

Useful tools

Inspiration and creativity seldom of ever arrive on cue, which means you really have to be prepared for those moments when the light bulb does switch on. Designers have long used sketch books as one of the most important tools of their trade, but now they have even more options beyond the paper and pen. While tablets may never fully replace the trusty sketch book, the ability to take advantage of a number of great design related apps certainly makes the tablet a perfect complement. Let’s take a look at just a few of the apps that designers can use to capture and store their creativity for later use.

One of the most complete apps for designers is Evernote, if only for the fact that it can do so many different things. Besides the ability to add notes, pictures, web snippets and more, Evernote also allows you to organize all of your stuff across a number of different devices. Imagine being able to access the work on your laptop when you see come across something that will fit perfectly into what you are currently working on. It is the ability to merge multiple devices into a single cohesive application that makes it so powerful.

There are a couple of great design apps that allow you to create while you are on the go. Photoshop is the go to software for the vast majority of designers, but it’s a rather bloated creation that does not really translate well to tablets. That is why Adobe has come up with a streamlined version known as Photoshop Express. It’s a basic version that features all of the tools you need to perform some minor tweaks to your work. An application that may not be so familiar, but which is also a fantastic option, is Paper. This is what you would expect from a sketch pad that is transferred to tablet, as it allows you to outline, draw and do all of the other little things you would normally do on paper.

Any good designer will have a portfolio that they can show off to potential clients, but there are times when business opportunities, like inspiration, will arise when you don’t expect it. Behance is an application that basically allows you to carry your portfolio with you wherever you go. If you are a member if the Behance network website already, you will see that all of the features that are available there are also to be found on the tablet app.

We are basically just scratching the surface of all the applications that are now available for designers, artists, writers and other creative types. You can get application that help with choosing a color scheme, delivering a font based on a piece of graffiti or written scrawl you see on the street, plus many more that we simply don’t have the space to list here. If you have ever wished there was an application that could help you with the design process, do a little search and you might just be surprised to find that it already actually exists.

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